Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We Surrender

Sure, there are two games left in the ACC bowl season, but after the gargantuan pile of dung dropped today, it's quite evident that this has become a lost year for the ACC, impressive regular season be damned. To wit: LSU 35, Georgia Tech 3, halftime, in Atlanta, when Paul Johnson's brain was apparently surgically removed and replaced with the fried cerebral cortex of Crackhead Bob. Can one coach's heretofore sterling reputation be shredded in one single game? I say yes, based on what I've seen thus far. George O'Leary and Chan Gailey - heinous warts and all - never blew a game this badly, this early. This is an atomic bomb of a momentum killer for the Jackets.

Sure, Clemson and Virginia Tech may win their bowl games. But in all likelihood, they won't...and even if they win, there's nothing they'll do to counteract this New Year's Eve Catastrophe. No wonder I'm the only independent ACC football blogger; it's tough putting up with this bullshit over and over again.

EDIT - and there will be no previews of tomorrow's Gator and Orange Bowls. I don't give a crap anymore. Happy Damn New Year!


Lee said...

Conference Schools Record Percentage
Pac-10 (5) Ariz,Cal,Ore,OSU,USC 5-0 1.000
Big 12 (7) KU,Mizzou,Neb,OU,OSU,Tex,TT 3-1 .750
C-USA (6) EC,Hou,Mem,Rice,SMiss,Tulsa 3-1 .750
SEC (8) Ala,Fla,Ga,Ky,LSU,Miss,SCar,Vandy 3-1 .750
Big East (6) Cin,Pitt,Rut,UConn,USF,WV 3-2 .600
MWC (5) AF,BYU,CSU,TCU,Utah 2-2 .500
Independents (2) Navy,Notre Dame 1-1 .500
Sun Belt (2) Fla. Atlantic,Troy 1-1 .500
ACC (10) BC,Clem,FSU,GT,Mary,Miami, NC,NCS,VT,WF 4-6 .400
WAC (5) BSU,FresSt,Haw,LaTech,Nev 1-4 .200
Big Ten (7) Iowa,MichSt,Minn,NWestrn,OSU,PSU,Wis 1-5 .167
MAC (5) BallSt,Buff,CMich,NIU,WMich 0-3 .000

Puke. At least VT held the crown high and took care of Cincy last night. The moronic nature of college football analysts may work in the ACCs favor in this regard...

Jason said...

Just wanted to say your work here is appreciated and hope you stay with it. The out of conference report is one the highlights of the college football blogs. Go ACC and Go Noles!