Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So things are not going very well...

3-4 so far in the bowls, with 3-7 looking far more likely than 6-4. A few thoughts...

--Wake 29, Navy 19 was what should've happened the first time in September, not in Deacs-Middies Redux. Nonetheless, a solid but less-than-sexy win over a not-to-be underestimated opponent (as Wake and Rutgers will attest to)

--West Virginia 31, UNC 30 is what started this little avalanche, I'm afraid. It was one of those evenly matched games that tends to tilt the whole conference's showing...what with Pat White having the game of his life and the Mountaineers still only winning by a point, you just kinda had that feeling that the breaks were not going to fall our way.

--FSU 42, Wisconsin 13 was entirely predictable to anyone not closely attached to the Seminole program (as those of us close to FSU are in a constant state of accepted-nihilism these days). First, it was sleek, southern football vs. grain-fed slow as curds flowing uphill mediocre Big Ten football. Second, FSU played like ass for the first half (as I thought they would) and still clunked it's way to a four-TD win (which I did not think would happen). So far, this is the shining beacon of the ACC bowl season. If that's still the case on Jan. 2, we gots problems.

--Cal 24, Miami 17 was fairly respectable, what with the Pac Ten's #4 team, basically playing at home, struggling vs. the ACC's 7th rated team that apparently had no idea that there's this kooky thing known as a "clock" in this sport. Still...close game, ACC loss. A pattern has now developed.

--Rutgers 29, NC State 23 was entirely predictable the moment Pack QB Russell Wilson was pulled due to injury, despite a 17-6 State halftime lead. Friggin Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, Matt Stafford, Graham Harrell, John Parker Wilson, Chase Daniel, etc seemingly haven't missed a down all year to injury...God forbid an ACC QB goes through a season without several major organs and appendages obliterated. Oh yeah - close game, ACC loss. P-to-the-A-to-the-TTERN.

--Maryland 42, Nevada 35 was entertaining and proved that the Fridge has one or two decent motivational tactics that he hasn't sold to Under Armor yet. The Terps led 28-13 at the half and 42-28 late so it wasn't exactly a nailbiter. A win is a win, but 42-21 would've been a little more impressive, no?

--Vanderbilt 16, BC 14 is something I should've picked automatically for five reasons: 1) Dominique Davis; 2) Dominique Davis; 3) Dominique Davis; 4) The Eagle D is a shell of itself after letting a lame VT offense crush them in the ACC title game; 5) the opponent was Vandy, in Nashville, in their first bowl since '82. And it was a close game, which apparently equates to loserville in ACC Bowl-land. And some of the calls in the game were of the "investigate officiating crew for possible wagering on the Commodores +3.5pts" variety. Still, in all the Vandy-love after this win, think anyone will mention they lost to Wake and Duke in the regular season? Hellz no.

I am not looking forward to tonight's Chick-fil-A home of yummy chicken strips and radioactive-yellow honey mustard Bowl. The Gator and Orange Bowls point toward destruction as well. Dammit.

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