Friday, January 2, 2009

Cataclysm Averted

Virginia Tech 20, Cincinnati 7

It certainly wasn't a thing of beauty, but it'll do...a 4-6 record in the bowl season, albeit very disappointing, looks light years better than 3-7. And the God-forsaken 1-9 thing in BCS games since it's inception is now a sterling 2-9. And in an interesting bit o' trivia, the two wins were over the two programs that payed in Miami last night; lest you forget, the first win was the Florida State victory over the-then Big East Hokies in that classic Sugar Bowl national title game in January 2000.

Thanks Hokies!

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Hokie Guru said...

Not good for the cause, but happy for the win... Stiney actually called what I would consider a B- game. Beamer said that the coaching staff will all stay

Hokie Guru