Sunday, November 16, 2008

Obligatory Blog Pollin'

1 Texas Tech
2 Alabama
3 Texas
4 Oklahoma
5 Florida
6 Southern Cal
7 Utah
8 Penn State
9 Oklahoma State
10 Ohio State
11 Missouri
12 Michigan State
13 Georgia
14 Boise State
15 Oregon State
16 Cincinnati
17 North Carolina
18 Ball State
19 Georgia Tech
20 Pittsburgh
21 Maryland
22 TCU
23 Miami (FL)
24 Florida State
25 LSU
Dropped Out: Virginia Tech (#19), California (#25)

Make of this what you wish. Remember, I'm ranking based on overall season resume, not as a power poll and not as a standard up/down shift based on who won or lost this past weekend. Fire away...


Anonymous said...

Did you miss the BC-FSU game Saturday night?

Lee said...

Am I the only person that thinks Alabama might be kind of terrible? Every time I see them they look like crap. Maybe Auburn can beat them before Florida does and people will realize the SEC is overrated.

Does USC end up in the BCS title if TT loses and Missouri somehow wins the Big 12 title game? Does it matter if Oregon State wins the Pac 10?

Big game Saturday night, round 1.5 of the play in for Tampa...

Marcus said...

Nope, didn't miss the BC-FSU game. Didn't miss the BC-Clemson game either.

Marcus said...

Lee- Bama reminds me more of an NFL team. Close to the vest, doing enough to win, but nothing fancy. Now, that may be the wrong approach in terms of style points and polls, but they're good and I have to think they're hiding things in terms of prep for Florida.

Lee said...

What NFL team? The 01 Ravens? The 06 Bears? The offense is just so underwhelming. I have half a mind and go out on a limb and say pathetic Auburn will beat them in the Iron bowl this weekend? Is it at Jordan-Hare? If so put me on the official prediction thread as picking the upset.

Lee said...

Come on Marcus post predictions, lets get this FSU/MD smack talk rolling!