Thursday, November 20, 2008

Week 13 Preview: Somebody has to win this league. I'm pretty sure there's a rule.

I was thinking of how fitting it would be if all 12 league teams finished at 4-4 this year in conference play, but then realized that Duke at best can finish at 3-5 leaving someone else at 5-3 and undisputed lord and master of the ACC. Still, 10 conference teams at 4-4 in the league would be both groovy and sad. Anyway...

MIAMI (7-3) at GEORGIA TECH (7-3)
Thursday, 11/20/08, 7:30pm ET - Bobby Dodd Stadium, Atlanta, GA
Series Record: Georgia Tech leads 9-4; the Yellow Jackets won last year's meeting 17-14
What May or May Not Happen: If Josh Nesbitt is a no-go, so are the Jackets' Coastal title hopes. The Hurricane defense is chewing up opposing offenses and is quick enough to handle a Nesbitt-less Ramblin' Wreck attack. Miami 20, Georgia Tech 13

CLEMSON (5-5) at VIRGINIA (5-5)
Saturday, 11/22/08, noon ET - Scott Stadium, Charlottesville, VA
Series Record: Clemson leads 35-8-1; the Cavaliers won the last meeting 30-10 in 2004
What May or May Not Happen: The momentum generated by the Hoos' October surge is gone. The Dabo-led Tigers are all over the place mentally and fundamentally, but are still good enough to pull one out on the road. Clemson 24, Virginia 20

N.C. STATE (4-6) at NORTH CAROLINA (7-3)
Saturday, 11/22/08, noon ET - Kenan Stadium, Chapel Hill, NC
Series Record: North Carolina leads 55-28-5; the Wolfpack won last year's meeting 31-27
What May or May Not Happen: State will give the Heels all they can handle but will come up a tad short, which is pretty much the story of Wolfpack football over the last few years. North Carolina 27, N.C. State 24

Saturday, 11/22/08, 3:30pm ET - BB&T Field, Winston-Salem, NC
Series Record: Boston College leads 7-6-2; the Eagles won last year's meeting 38-28
What May or May Not Happen: The Eagles' defense is the only surefire reliable unit in this game. Both offenses will clunk around, but Chris Crane and Co. do just enough to pull out a win. Boston College 16, Wake Forest 13

DUKE (4-6) at VIRGINIA TECH (6-4)
Saturday, 11/22/08, 5:30pm ET - Lane Stadium, Blacksburg, VA
Series Record: Virginia Tech leads 8-7; the Hokies won last year's meeting 43-14
What May or May Not Happen: Without Thaddeus Lewis, the Devils stand little chance of pulling off the shocker in Lane. The Hokies send Duke to their 182nd straight losing season. Virginia Tech 30, Duke 10

Saturday, 11/22/08, 7:45pm ET - Byrd Stadium, College Park, MD
Series Record: Florida State leads 16-2; the Seminoles won last year's meeting 24-16
What May or May Not Happen: Can the Terps - of all teams - buck the trend of league contenders falling flat when division titles are in sight? Against the suddenly reeling Seminoles, that answer is yes. The FSU defense continues its late season epic fail. Maryland 26, Florida State 21

And here endeth the week 13 preview.


Lee said...

Hedging the old bets by picking MD and rooting for FSU? No matter the result you either look smart or are happy?

Marcus said...


In all seriousness, FSU's defense is just reeling right now. If you run a basic offense at them, you won't get anywhere. Throw a little misdirection, triple option or hint of spread, and you'll have big play after big play. The FSU D overpursues, is undisciplined and just simply isn't super talented except for the DEs.

Now watch them shut the Terps out and make me look like a goob.

Lee said...

That whole paragraph had me drooling at the sight of Heyward Bey on the reverse already being good for six by the time he hit the line of scrimmage.

I personally think the key is MDs defense. If they can't stop the run (@VT) they might be in trouble. If they come out fired up (Wake) it might get ugly for FSU.

Either way I'll be there fat and happy from the tailgate freezing my 455 off... Actually that's another striek against FSU, they don't seem to excited about the weather forecast fo rthe game...

Marcus said...

Have fun at the game. I'll be watching from my warm and cozy living room down here in Florida. And I can always turn the game off if things go bad;-)

As much as I rag on the FSU defense, the MD offense still mystifies me. Heyward-Bey and Da'Rel Scott are in the top 4 at their position in the league this year, yet they aren't utilized for loooooong stretches of time. I haven't understood Maryland's offensive approach since about 2004 to be honest.

Lee said...

Saturday it was "call pass plays and run block couple with call run plays and pass block". Going back to pre-season the OLine was supposed to be the strongest unit on the team and one of the best in the league. I'll be happy to see this mystifying group graduate. From week to week you have no idea if they plan on blocking or not.

Marcus said...

I didn't get Maryland's scheme at all. FSU's defense has been gouged all year with misdirection, spread and option elements, and yet the Terps went all predictable.

Sure, they played poorly - particularly the OL - but the scheme is what killed them. On a day when the FSU offense was clicking, Fridge and Franklin needed to outwit Mickey Andrews....yet they didn't even try.

Lee said...

Not even trying is a hallmark of the MD coaching stff this year.

Use Josh Portis? nope that would be trying.

Screens to Heyward-Bey? Nope, trying.

Some sort of non 3 or 4 man straight rush on defense? No can do. Classified as trying.

If the coaching staff didn't have a bunch of kids I'de have them inspected for being unichs...