Friday, November 14, 2008


Sorry for the lack o'posts this week. It's a good thing the season is winding down because I'm not seeing how I can regularly update this blog and still remain employed. Nonetheless, I should be able to swing it for another few weeks, so fear not. Alas, no weekly preview this week. But I have managed to find time to provide with your handy TV/web listings for Saturday's festivities:

Duke @ Clemson, noon ET - Raycom, Gameplan, ESPN360
North Carolina @ Maryland, 3:30pm ET - ABC, ESPN, Gameplan, ESPN360
Wake Forest @ NC State, 3:30pm ET - ESPNU
Boston College @ Florida State, 8pm ET - ABC, Gameplan, ESPN360


Anonymous said...

How in the HELL did we lose to Boston College?!?!?!?!?!??!

Marcus said...

Mickey Andrews has yet to figure out a multi-faceted offense. He can stop the I-formation teams, he can stop the pass-heavy fun and gun of Spurrier, but misdirection plays and anything resembling a spread is mind-blowing to him. That, and the LBs, secondary and DTs are average. I'd be surprised if UF doesn't put 35+ on the scoreboard in the first half next Saturday.