Monday, October 6, 2008

More on the " Blog Poll"

It's up and official now. My apologies to readers who may find this boring or off-putting, but I must say that it's pretty damn sweet to participate in a weekly poll that's listed right alongside the AP and Coaches' polls on a huge and respected sports website.

And it's especially cool not only because it gives publicity to this blog and a few dozen others like it, but it also acknowledges the validity of the educated fan's viewpoint and insight. It's no coincidence that the regular-joe blogger formerly known as SMQ is now the chief college football blogger for Yahoo. Same goes for Orson from EDSBS, who now pens columns for These guys can write, these guys entertain, and they know what the hell they're talking about......which is more than can be said for far-too-many other writers and columnists from the traditional media horde (like this hack, this goober, and this assclown).

End rant.

Bloggers! Prepare for glory!

P.S.- My weekend recap will be postponed until tomorrow because I have to cook dinner. I'll give them this - the traditional media-types have the edge in terms of commitment. Regardless, glory bends to the will of my baked penne.


Anonymous said...

bahahahaha, Bianchi.

mobius said...

"goober" is way to good for Schlabach, but I think you got Bianchi just about right. oh, and no list of douchebag CFB "journalists" would be complete without a Todd McShay mention...

but wow, SMQ!?! I had no idea that's where he was. Our boy's all growed up!

Marcus said...

Trying to keep the blog PG-13ish has an effect on creative insults, but I manage. I don't find anything about Schlabach overly offensive, it's just that he can't write, is dull, and my mother knows more about college football than he does.

A Bianchi column is no different than one of those flamers who go to a team's message board, posts something inflammatory, then sits back and watches the place melt down. That jerkweed just wants attention and a high hit-count on his columns.