Tuesday, October 7, 2008

About Last Saturday...

Some quick notes as I pack for a business trip:

--Only in college football...nearly benched a week ago, now in the school record books. Viva la Chris Crane!
--Paul Johnson all but sewed up ACC Coach of the Year honors with the Jackets' 27-0 thrashing of Duke. I don't know what's more impressive - that two QBs have picked up Johnson's offense by game five, or that the Jacket pass-defense is so stifling that they're forcing teams to run into the black hole that is their defensive line. This team has ACC champion written all over it if they continue what they've done over the first month.
--Florida State showed some serious stones in withstanding a near-miraculous Miami comeback on Saturday. Just two weeks ago the Noles were completely melting down at home to Wake Forest, but this time around they took everything the Canes, the weather, and the inexplicable-Miami-mojo threw at them, and promptly pounded the ball down the field for a late touchdown to ice the game. Those kids are growing up fast.
--Miami is certainly not as good as their second half against Florida State might indicate (36 points) and they are not as bad as their first half performance against the Seminoles (3 points, 52 total yards). They are young and supremely talented but their coaching staff is in every bit the learning mode that the roster is...and that's a tad disconcerting at this stage.
--They reverted back to Furman-esque form last weekend, but after three straight meat-grinders against Georgia Tech, North Carolina and Nebraska, the Hokies' blah performance against Western Kentucky gets a pass.
--I was a UNC proponent before the season started (when TJ Yates and Greg Little were potentially All-ACC caliber) but I'm even more impressed with Carolina now that Yates is out and Little has been overshadowed. The fact that the Heels withstood the Yates injury and regrouped to steal a win at Miami and then pound undefeated UConn proves that Butch Davis' team is proven quality and not flashy potential.
--That's so Maryland. The Terps are a program that can look great when the players and coaches are on the same wavelength; but for whatever reason, too often the kids and the Fridge are going in totally different directions. And considering this is Year 8 for Ralphie in College Park, that disconnect looks to be a permanent obstacle as long as he remains in charge.
--The Cavaliers' pasting of Maryland is much like Wyoming's beatdown of UVA last year - an anomaly. Al Groh's desk chair should still be sweltering.


Jesse W said...

Just wanted to let you know that I linked your blog on my newest post at

Please feel free to comment if youd like

Justin Smith said...

I'm sure hoping my Jackets can make the ACC Championship game, but we put ourselves behind the 8 ball losing to VT. Now they HAVE to lose 2 for us to get there.

mobius said...

F-L-O-R-I-D-A S-T-A-T-E! Florida State! Florida State! Florida State! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

some follow up thoughts:

- most of the ACC went through a coaching overhaul in the last two years, and those programs have improved across the board. Virginia and Maryland should take note.

- hard to believe it for a team that gave up 39 points, but FSU's defense was dominant on Saturday. Mickey Andrews FINALLY has the DEs and CBs he needs to run his kind of defense and it shows (#3 in Total Defense, #5 in rushing defense)

- It feels good to be excited about Seminole football again. I'm not getting TOO excited, what with that VaTech-GaTech-Clemson gauntlet coming up, but no way any FSU team from the last five years wins that game on Saturday.

keep up the good work Marcus!

Marcus said...


VT is certainly in the driver's seat in the Coastal, but the remaining schedules of both the Jackets and Hokies favor GT. And, the Jackets seem to be improving each and every week whereas the Hokies only seem to flip the switch on when it's a "big" game. But another loss by the Jackets will all but end a Coastal championship run.

Marcus said...


Good to see ya 'round here again. Things look very promising for the Noles, but I still think they wind up 8-4, 5-3...but they will look light years better than the 2006 and 2007 atrocities. I think Ga Tech in Atlanta is a loss, Florida's still a loss, and one of BC/Clemson/VT will be a loss.

I don't have a problem with any of the six programs that changed coaches in the last two years, although Tom O'Brien frustrates me from time to time. It's beyond debate that 5 of the 6 changes were for the better (still not sold on Randy Shannon, though). The real problem is with some of the veteran coaches - Bobby, Tommy, Groh and sometimes the Fridge.

Now kick The Chop Shop back into production!

mobius said...

I wish I could marcus, but I got a new job two years ago and they expect me to like, work and stuff. And's it's doing what I've always wanted to do so I don't really mind. Thare are plenty of good FSU blogs out there anyway, and you especially have done a great job sticking with this one through some tough times for the Conference. Things are sure as hell looking up though! Take care bud, and GO NOLES!