Sunday, October 5, 2008

Blog Poll Hits the Big Time

For your review, my Blog Poll ballot post-week six...
1 Oklahoma --
2 Missouri --
3 LSU 1
4 Alabama 1
5 Texas --
6 Penn State --
7 Southern Cal --
8 Brigham Young --
9 Ohio State --
10 Texas Tech 2
11 Florida --
12 Utah 3
13 Georgia 1
14 Virginia Tech 1
15 Kansas 3
16 Vanderbilt 1
17 Georgia Tech 3
18 Boise State 1
19 South Florida 9
20 Wake Forest 1
21 Oklahoma State 4
22 North Carolina 4
23 Kentucky 3
24 Wisconsin 8
25 Ball State 1
Dropped Out: Auburn (#22), Oregon (#23), Fresno State (#24)
Maybe Next Week: Northwestern, Michigan State, TCU, Notre Dame, Tulsa, Boston College

--That is correct...CBS has decided to offer the formerly independent Blog Poll a home. Coolness. More info on that as I receive it.
--After using a hodge-podge of ranking styles in the first month, I will switch to a stricter "resume ranking" mode next week. Why not start with resume ranking from week one? Because East Carolina probably would've been #1 after the first two weeks. Exactly.
--Remember us? Look who's former team sits at 12, one spot behind The Insufferable One's current program.
--Yes, Kentucky gets into my Top 25 after a loss. Their defense is very impressive, and yes Bama was in letdown-mode. But playing the Tide to the wire told me more about them than any of their previous victories have.
--Ball State in my Top 25 is no gimmick...I truly believe they would beat the other teams considered if they were to knock helmets today.
--Kansas is this week's razor's edge team...after the first half against Iowa State, they were long gone from this ballot. A beautiful second half comeback later, they are safe and secure at #15.
--Vandy is a wonderful story but they are winning by the skin of their teeth and getting some fortunate bounces to go their way. They are dead last in total offense and tenth in total defense in the SEC, so expect them to get drilled by one of the bigger guns in the SEC East soon.
--I should probably have Wake lower and UNC higher, but what the hey. If the Deacons lose to Clemson next week they'll drop out anyway, and if they beat the Tigers they'll justify their Top 20 status.

Comments are most welcome.


Zach Smith said...

I have absolutely no problem with your Wake ranking - screw Carolina ;-)

I'll be interested to see you switch to a Resume ranking next week. Vandy is in my top 10 right now doing it that way, and Ball State is significantly higher. I always think Resume makes for a much more interesting ballot.

Marcus said...

Resume ranking is certainly the way the ballots should be tallied as the season plays just proves wildly erratic in the first month of the season (i.e. East Carolina).

What's the good word from the Deacs following the Navy debacle? That's their first "WTF?!" loss since they vaulted into prominence 2 years ago...I'm very interested in seeing how they respond to that.

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty good - unfortunately only bloggers pay enough attention to the sport to put GT in the top 25 where they belong, I don't know about this business though; there was something edgy and dangerous about coming here and checking out the "underground" polls. Now that you've been assimilated by The Man I may have to start asking the guys who live under the train tracks by my house who's in their Top 10.