Saturday, September 1, 2007

They Play Some Wicked Checkers in Laramie

Cowpokes 23, Hoos 3

Five first downs. Six rushing yards. 109 yards of total offense.

Two turnovers. Just two. You'd think that kind of beatdown to Wyoming would've been the result of a Mississippi State-esque turnover virus. But it wasn't. The Cowboys simply dominated the Cavaliers because they were, well, better. Not in talent, mind you. No sir. The Family Groh is why the Wahoos slink back to Charlottesville a humiliated football team.

Well done, Al. Bravo. Send a giftbasket to Lloyd Carr tomorrow because it took the upset of all-time to save you from turning in the worst performance by a BCS conference coach this weekend.

A generous contract buyout should temper that anger


Jeff said...

The Spirit of Mr. Jefferson will lead us to key conference wins this year over Duke, North Carolina, N.C. State and Maryland, which is all that really matters to us here in Charlottesville. Unlike our friends at VA Tech - who long ago prostituted themselves to the lower urges of football - here at UVa academics are what truly count.

Marcus said...

The Spirit of Mr. Jefferson could probably prepare a football team better than Al Groh these days. I'll give the Hoos the Duke game, but that's it. I'll take the Fridge, as well as Butch Davis and Tom O'Brien coached teams (even in their 1st years at their schools), over Al Kasparov Groh any day.