Saturday, September 1, 2007

Appalachian State 34, Michigan 32

Upset of the decade. Perhaps THE upset of my lifetime (1973-present). What happened in Ann Arbor today just isn't supposed to happen. It's practically the equivalent of the Durham Bulls sweeping a three-game series from the Detroit Tigers. The difference between the depth of the teams, the overall talent level, resources, etc. is so vast that you would half-expect a good portion of the Mountaineer squad requiring hospitalization after the game.

Sure, Appy State is the two-time defending 1-AA national champ. But just nine months ago Michigan was within a few tenths of a point in the BCS standings from playing for the unofficial 1-A national championship. The Wolverines return a good portion of that squad this year. It's MICHIGAN for the love of God. And old Blue simply just got outplayed and supremely outcoached (excepting the grotesque clock-mismanagement by ASU at the end).

Look at it this way...Appalachian State was the defending 1-AA national champ last year as well, went to N.C. State in the season opener and got run over 23-10 by a 3-9 Wolfpack team that didn't play all that well in that game, and had a bumbling coaching staff to boot. ASU went on to drill everybody else that year to win another 1-AA title.

North Carolina and Maryland's openers this evening with 1-AA foes just got a lot more intriguing. If the Tar Heels and/or Terps come out flat, Butch and Fridge should just hang it up. There's no excuse for them to come out on any less than rampage-mode now.

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The Kentuckian said...

Just goes to show that the Big Ten isn't as scary to other leagues as it once was. Way to go Appy State