Sunday, September 2, 2007

Oh No, We Suck Again!

OK, perhaps not. 'Tis a bit early for that. But aside from Miami and Georgia Tech, the ACC did precious little to distinguish itself yesterday in non-conference play.

North Carolina and Maryland both comfortably dispatched 1-AA opponents, unlike some poor schmoes. Nonetheless, neither the Tar Heels nor Terps were overly impressive.

Duke is Duke. Losing to UConn was expected. Losing in this fashion was not.

The abomination that is Virginia was discussed here.

Virginia Tech's uneven performance can be forgiven for obvious reasons, but they are in a heap of trouble next week if Sean Glennon and the OL don't rapidly absorb some sort of basic competence.

And NC State. That was not at all helpful. All that offseason pent-up enthusiasm over the start of the Tom O'Brien Era got sucked right out of Carter-Finley Stadium approximately 4 minutes into the season with UCF up 10-0.

After just one week, our dear ACC is already comfortably entrenched at the bottom of the BCS pile in the out-of-conference record department:

SEC (9-1, .900)
Big East (7-1, .875)
Pac 10 (6-2, .750)
Big Ten (8-3, .727)
Big XII (7-4, .636)*Texas Tech plays SMU on Monday
ACC (5-3, .625)

Considering the ACC has LSU (VT), Louisville (NCSU), Oklahoma (Miami), Nebraska (Wake), West Virginia (UMd), Rutgers (UMd), Alabama (FSU), Colorado (FSU), Texas A&M (Miami), and USF (UNC) on the out-of-conference slate just this month, a large scale disaster of epic porportions is quite possible. Likely? Nah. But get used to seeing the ACC at the bottom of those non-conference record standings.

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