Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday News & Notes

....The folks over at the ACC's Official Site have completed their "12 Days of ACC Football" preview. Not too shabby.

....To the surprise of practically no one, Drew Weatherford was named the Seminoles' starting QB after outduelling Xavier Lee in summer practices. Unlike his predecessor at OC, Jimbo Fisher still plans to get the X-man involved in certain situations where his quickness and brute strength can be utilized...think Weatherford=Chris Leak, Lee=Tim Tebow. I can only hope.

....FSU's Labor Day opponent has also named their starting QB. Tommy Bowden tabbed Cullen Harper to lead the Clemson offense, although fan favorite frosh Willy Korn will likely get a few looks throughout the season.

....'Tis official...Miami will be moving to Dolphin Stadium starting in the '08 season. I know, just a few weeks ago I ragged on how dilapidated and wholly unpleasant that old bucket of bolts known as the Orange Bowl is, but the suddenness of the switch is a bit jarring. The Canes last ever home game in that old stadium will be against Virginia on Nov. 10.

....Maryland limped through their final practice of the summer with nearly a third of their roster on the sideline nursing various injuries and ailments. A nasty season is afoot in College Park this season, I fear.

....Wondered why Virginia QB Jameel Sewell's passes sometimes lacked zip and outright accuracy last season? Two broken bones in his left (throwing) wrist may have had a something to do with it.

....I hope Georgia Tech goes 10-2 as I predict if for no other reason other than to never have to read or hear about some form of the Chan Gailey Equilibrium ever again.

....Virginia Tech's opener with East Carolina next week is the start of a nine-year series with the Pirates. Ummm...why? Sure, a home and home once or twice a decade is fine, but nine straight years with ECU? Ok, whatever, but there had better not be any hint of 1-AA-ness on the Hokies' slate at anytime in the near future.

....Wake Forest football has finally hit the big-time; they've sold out their entire package of season tickets, and long time boosters and fans are complaining about increased booster fees for seating privileges and such. Welcome to the club Deacons!

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