Saturday, August 25, 2007

BCS Bowl Picks and other Miscellanea

Now that the season is rapidly approaching, I suppose I should throw out a few non-ACC predictions and thoughts.

Per my Blog Poll ballot, it's obvious that I'm playing it safe in picking USC #1. That said, I give the Trojans less than a 50-50 chance of actually winning the whole shebang. They don't seem as indestructible as some are making them out to be, however I sure as hell don't feel truly confident in anyone else either. The Trojans probably should win the national title given their sick level of talent, but more likely than not it'll be someone else.

Anyway, my best guesses as to the BCS bowl matchups...

BCS National Championship Game (New Orleans, LA)- USC vs. Texas
Sugar Bowl (New Orleans, LA)- LSU vs. Oklahoma
Orange Bowl (Miami, FL)- Georgia Tech vs. West Virginia
Rose Bowl (Pasadena, CA)- Michigan vs. California
Fiesta Bowl (Glendale, AZ)- Wisconsin vs. Hawaii

--For the 10th season in a row, the ACC will not place a second team in the BCS; certainly not what the suits in the league office had in mind 4 years ago when they pratfalled their way through expansion
--Not surprisingly, the SEC should be the King of College Football, although I don't see any team getting out of league play with less than two losses
--The Big 12, despite probably getting two teams in the BCS this season, will bring up the rear in major conferences, considering only half the conference could be bowl-eligible
--The Big 10 will again look rosy in the regular season, only to get pummeled come bowl time
--The Big East will be a complete dichotomy...West Virginia, Louisville, Rutgers and USF could all post 10 wins, but the bottom half of Cincinnati, UConn, Pitt, and Syracuse will finish under .500
--I don't have a frickin clue as to the Heisman...I can't imagine John David Booty at USC nabbing a 4th trophy in 6 years for the Trojans unless he posts some sick efficiency numbers. Colt Brennan at Hawaii will have to go undefeated and break a few NCAA passing records to win it, and Darren McFadden at Arkansas needs his Hogs to at least compete for the SEC West title. The '07 Heisman winner will likely start this season outside of the spotlight.

There seems to be a general blanket of uncertainty entering this season, and that's a good thing for everyone. Sure, most pundits and pollsters have USC #1, but that's the safe bet since the national picture appears so wide open. I'd love to see an off the wall Cal-Texas A&M or Georgia Tech-Wisconsin national title game, along with under-the-radar guys like Virginia Tech's Brandon Ore or Nebraska's Sam Keller taking home the Heisman. Will that happen? Doubt it, but it's certainly possible at this time, when so many things are within reach of so many teams and so many players.

FOX execs would throw-up in their mouths a little bit at this BCS title game, but I'd sure as hell watch

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