Monday, August 27, 2007

Names I'm So Very Sick of Typing

Let it be known that I'm somewhat of a dyslexic typist. I tend to type at turbo speed, so practically every other word has a transposed letter or two that ultimately gets fixed in the editing process. Nonetheless, there are certain words and names that just come out wrong no matter how careful and deliberate I am, such as...., I usually don't find cause to use the word "garage" in a blog that focuses on ACC football, but I do tend to use that word in my real job, and that's how it comes out on my first go around when I type it.

chractaer...I suppose the word "character" could make an appearance in this blog, but it hasn't yet that I recall. Again, it's a word I use frequently in my real job and invariably that's how it pops up on my monitor every damn time I type it out when I'm full speed word processing. this is a word I use a lot in both blog and real-job, and this one is just a mental defect. My brain must really think somewhat is spelled "seomhwat". To spell it correctly just now, I had to stop and punch out each key like it's the first time I've encountered a keyboard.

Anyway, that's just to give you an idea of what I go through when typing and spellchecking this here blog. Now, on to the names that torture my soul...

Michael Tauiliili
I freaking hate this guy. I invariably wind up typing something like Michael Tualulilli, Michael Tiulialiil, Michael Tutulilli, Michael Turaluralura, etc. It actually gives me a headache to see so many "i"s within such close proximity.

Jameel Sewell
Every single damn time it comes out Jamell Seewell. Even when I concentrate, the fingers still unleash that configuration. Thank God that "Jamell" and "Seewell" apparently aren't common-use names and invariably get highlighted in the ol' blogger spell-check.

Jeff Jagodzinski
Not as difficult, but one that always comes out wrong on the first draft. It usually appears as Jagdozkinksi or something like that.

Xavier Adibi
Always, always, the fingers punch out Abidi.

Gary Cismesia
Getting better with this one. But, he still goes by Csmiesai on occasion.

Darrius Heyward-Bey
Hyphenated names are always a problem, especially when each name has a somewhat unique spelling. Draaius Heywayrd-Bey is how this one usually appears before editing.

Vince Oghobaase
This one is a copy-and-paste job every time. I know when to say when.

The guy who played Adebisi on "Oz" and Mr. Eko on "Lost"
OK, so I don't actually ever have to type his name here...but his cruelty toward Hollywood reporters and bloggers in keeping that name is unforgivable. Bastard.


Jarrett Carter said...

Surprised Friedgen didn't make the cut.

Marcus said...

Strangely enough, I've never really had a problem typing the Fridge's name out. My mind works in mysterious ways.