Monday, November 6, 2006

This Week's Insufferable Blog Poll Ballot

1Ohio State--
3Louisville 4
4Texas 2
5Auburn 1
6Florida 1
7Southern Cal 3
8California 5
9West Virginia 6
10Rutgers 2
11Notre Dame 2
12Wisconsin 3
13Arkansas 1
14Boise State 6
15Oklahoma 6
17Wake Forest 1
18Boston College 7
19Tennessee 11
20Georgia Tech 1
21Texas A&M 2
22Virginia Tech--
23Maryland 3
24Brigham Young 1
25Oregon 1

Dropped Out: Clemson (#17)

Games Watched: Louisville-West Virgnia (1st half), Notre Dame-North Carolina, LSU-Tennessee (4th Q), Wake Forest-Boston College, Virginia Tech-Miami (4th Q)

--It's apparently the trendy thing to say now, but I agree - there are no great teams this year. This year's national champion, whomever it may turn out to be, would struggle to finish in the Top 5 of any of the last several football seasons.
--Props to Oklahoma, who are a horrid officiating crew away from being 8-1 with a backup QB and backup RB.
--Props to Wake Forest, who are a 4th-quarter meltdown at Clemson away from being 9-0 with a backup QB (a freshman, no less) and backup RB.
--This doesn't relate to my poll, but this is just a comment in general from a hyper-defensive (at times) Florida State fan: Remember back in 2000 when Florida State was ranked ahead of Miami in the BCS poll despite losing to the Canes head-to-head, and there was a fairly audible outcry in the media and from pundits? Funny, it's now nearing the 2nd week in November, and Florida is #4 in the BCS, two spots higher than Auburn, yet they both have 1 loss and Auburn beat UF. I haven't seen or heard a single word of outcry in the media over that. OK, switching persecuted-fan-mode off.

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