Thursday, November 9, 2006

ACC Blog Check

Before we go on our quick journey through the ACC Blogosphere, allow me to express my condolences to the University of Miami family on the senseless loss of Bryan Pata.

--The Miami blog Out of Kilter has the latest on the Pata tragedy.

--Sporting Gnomes has the requisite perspective piece on Clemson football, something none of us thought we'd have to read this year, heck even two weeks ago. Funny game, this college football.

--Mobius at The Chop Shop has chimed in with his national-championship format that I find quite reasonable. And if we ever do get a real "Bowl Championship Series" (and whoever thought of that moniker should be shot, but that's another post altogether), in my opinion it will look very much like Mobius' plan.

--Eagle in Atlanta has his usual spot-on weekly review of his Eagles, complete with the obligatory blaming of Tom O'Brien for their defeat at Wake.

--Gotta love UNC fans. Butch Davis hasn't even signed a contract yet and they're already speculating on how long he stays in Chapel Hill. Carolina March has a sane perspective on that topic.

--MadJay at TechSuperfans has a very nice review of the Hokies' victory at Miami, although I take issue with his ranking of the Tech and Cane overall defenses.

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