Saturday, November 4, 2006

Quick Thoughts, Saturday @ 4:30pm

.....Jiminy Christmas, something is seriously wrong at Clemson. For a team that looked like a Top 5 club just two weeks ago, dropping two straight ballgames and being held to one offensive touchdown in those 8 quarters is mystifying. Even worse, Maryland held the Tigers to just 4 field goals, despite having the 83rd ranked total defense - and just the 100th ranked rushing defense - in the country. Clemson - with Davis, Spiller and that OL - can now only muster 4 field goals against that defense? WTF??

.....The Seminoles are a much better team with Xavier Lee at QB. It may or may not show up on the stat sheet, but there's a different feel to the entire team with him at QB. It's not a coincidence, in my opinion, that the defense - yes defense - played it's best game of the year with Lee under center (hint: no QB turnovers for the second straight game).

......Duke is so lovably consistent.


mobius said...

I've been a big supporter of Drew, but I've gotta admit that there was a noticable drop-off on offense when he replaced Xavier. I guess Lee is just a gamer, and man did he look good in the second half. I really, really hope we get rid of Dickey and bring in a top-flight QB coach who can maximize X's abilities.

Marcus said...

I agree mobius...Drew could be a great QB with decent, adequate (not necessarily even good) coaching. But he doesn't have the innate skill and ability that XL has.

XL just has that mojo that can overcome, or at least sidestep, piss-poor coaching. XL can make plays happen on the fly and he's got a cannon for an arm.