Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday Morning Round-Up

....Ohio State's opponent in the BCS Title Game should be USC or Michigan. That's it. Teams that lose by 36 at home (Arkansas), by 26 at home (Notre Dame), and already have a loss and are still scraping by every week against average competition - when not roughing up horrible 1-AA teams (Florida) - do not belong in the equation.

....Amidst all the "ACC blows" chatter around the college football universe this season, it's interesting to note that only one league has 6 teams with 8 or more wins. Just look to the right-side portion of this blog under that neat little "ACC Standings" table.

....That said, the Coastal Division is one big pile of dung after the Techs. When the Virginia "We can't beat Western Michigan, East Carolina, or Pitt, and get taken to OT by Wyoming" Cavaliers are 4-3 in the league and in 3rd place in the division, that's an embarassment on a grand scale for the ACC.

....The Wolfpack need to fold the tent on the Chuck Amato circus, and quickly, if they want to have any chance whatsoever in this offseason's coaching carousel. The Pack couldn't botch two huge coaching searches in the same year...could they?

....Boston College can send Miami to just their 2nd losing season in 27 years if they beat the Canes this coming Thursday on the 22nd anniversary of Flutie to Phelan.

....Speaking of Miami - Spurrier to Coral Gables? What the hell?

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