Sunday, November 19, 2006

Blog Poll Ballot Especiale

1Ohio State--
2Southern Cal 1
3Michigan 1
6Notre Dame 1
7Wisconsin 4
8Boise State--
10West Virginia 2
11Texas 2
12Oklahoma 3
13Boston College 3
14Rutgers 8
15LSU 1
16Georgia Tech 5
17Virginia Tech 5
18Wake Forest 8
19Nebraska 4
20Auburn 2
21Tennessee 1
22California 5
23Clemson 3
24Brigham Young--

Dropped Out: Maryland (#19)

Games Watched: Boston College-Maryland, Ohio State-Michigan, Auburn-Alabama (bits and pieces), Virginia Tech-Wake Forest

--If I was allowed to have USC and Michigan tied for 2nd, I would. But I can't. So, Michigan drops to 3 based on losing yesterday. USC would be the only team more deserving than Blue of the remaining spot in the Title Game should they win out.
--I got fooled by Rutgers hook-line-and-sinker. In hindsight, that win over Louisville was just one of those kooky Thursday night things.
--On the cusp of this week's poll: Penn State, Oregon State, Oregon, Texas A&M, Maryland. No one else looks remotely worthy.

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