Friday, November 17, 2006

Allow Me To Chime In -- #1 Ohio State vs. #2 Michigan

There are plenty of in-depth Buckeye-Wolverine previews out there on the blogosphere and in the "real" media, so I won't attempt to add yet another one to the national dialogue. All I will say is that I find these stats very interesting (courtesy of this compilation by

-The top-ranked team is 22-13-2 in all No. 1-No. 2 games.

-In regular-season games, the No. 1 team is 13-6-2.

-The No. 1 team is 6-0 when hosting the 1-2 regular-season matchup.

- Ohio State has won all three 1-2 games it has participated in. The Buckeyes beat No. 2 Southern California 27-16 in the 1969 Rose Bowl, beat No. 1 Miami 31-24 in 2OT in the 2003 Fiesta Bowl, and beat No. 2 Texas 24-7 on Sept. 9.

- Michigan also has played in three 1-2 matchups, losing all as the No. 2 team, in regular-season matchups. The Wolverines lost to Notre Dame 35-12 in the first such matchup in 1943, lost at Iowa 12-10 in 1985 and again to Notre Dame 24-19 in 1989.
Ohio State is #1 and has been all season. They've already played in a 1-2 game this year, on the road, and won handily. And this game is in Columbus. Everything on paper points to this being a Buckeye victory.

Stats be damned. This game has had an odd feel and a weird vibe for awhile. That vibe got even kookier today with the sudden passing of Bo Schembechler.

Michigan 23, Ohio State 20

Now they get to watch the biggest one of all, together

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