Monday, November 27, 2006

Grounded Chuck

Amato fired at N.C. State.

While doing an admirable job in raising the profile and expectations for Wolfpack football, Chuck Amato never was quite able to deliver on the field for NC State: a 25-31 record in the ACC in his 7 seasons, never better than a 4th place finish, 3 straight defeats to UNC, setting offensive football back a few decades the past couple of years, and then the killer- a 7-game losing streak to close out the '06 season.

The 4-3 record against Florida State during his tenure would seem to be the brightest spot in his 7-year stay. So while the rest of the ACC may have loved to have Amato stick around, I imagine that folks in Tallahassee are quite pleased that The Chest will no longer be in Raleigh.

For additional and certainly more knowledgeable commentary on the situation, peruse the NC State blogs State Fans Nation and Section Six.

Can I keep my red shoes?

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