Monday, October 2, 2006

This Week's Blog Poll Ballot

1Ohio State--
2Auburn 1
3Michigan 1
4Southern Cal 2
7West Virginia--
8Louisiana State--
10Notre Dame 1
11Clemson 1
12Boise State 3
14Oregon 5
15Tennessee 1
16Georgia Tech 8
19Virginia Tech 9
20Florida State 1
21Rutgers 1
22Missouri 1
23Cal 3
24Boston College 1
25Iowa 5

Dropped Out: TCU (#14)

Games Watched: Rutgers-South Florida (1st half), Georgia Tech-Virginia Tech, Miami-Houston, Ohio State-Iowa

--USC could still go undefeated this year, but right now Ohio St, Auburn and Michigan would drill them
--Part of me really thinks Clemson is a Top 6 or 7 team; Auburn's scare against the Gamecocks and USC's nailbiter with Wazzou are quite similar to Clemson's OT loss to BC, except that BC is better than South Carolina and the Cougars....but a loss is a loss nonetheless
--Ohio State-Michigan on Nov. 18 is looking like a national semifinal. Winner will go to the BCS title game
--Props to Wake Forest, for actually being considered. If they can play Clemson close next Saturday, that would impress me more than beating up Liberty and Ole Miss (SEC jab - kapow!)

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