Monday, October 2, 2006

Around the ACC Blogosphere

---Although it's a week old, For Here Men Are Men's succint and utterly profane review of his Eagles' loss at NC State is a must-read

---The folks at Sporting Gnomes are positively giddy about Clemson's showings at The Real Death Valley this year against Larry, Curly and Moe......errrr FAU, UNC and La Tech. Nonetheless, the Tigers look to be the class o' the conference so far

---Mobius at The Chop Shop waxes about the Clemson and Georgia Tech surge to the top of the ACC

---Nathan at Golden Tornado takes much of the Yellow Jacket fan base to task for the sudden outpouring of love for Chan, Reggie and Co. after the big win over the Hokies

---It's looking mighty worrisome in Turtleville if you subscribe to Esquire's line of thinking at Turtle Waxing

---The gentlemen at Section Six have very generously done my job for me in compiling an analysis of offensive tendencies in the ACC

---The Blacksburg Beacon's Andrew is preparing a War-and-Peace length review of the Hokies' loss to the other Tech, with a dash of the old "they couldn't have played any better, and we couldn't have played any worse" masochistic reasoning sprinkled in

And let me take this opportunity to put out an APB for any Duke (I know, I know....), Miami, and Wake Forest-centered blogs out there. I need you three to complete my collection.

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