Thursday, October 5, 2006

Week 6 Haiku-Preview

Apologies for the lack o' posts this week. And, it won't get much better for another week or so; I've got to make sure everything's all neat and tidy at work because the wife, in-laws, and I are heading out on a cruise starting Monday. I'm sure I'll have access to this internet thingy on board, but I plan on being in an inebriated state for much of next week, so my attention will likely be focused on not falling overboard and thereby becoming a Dateline NBC/Court TV cruise ship mystery feature. Ergo, the Chronicles will be on hiatus starting Sunday evening.

"Hey, did you hear that splash? And where's Marcus?"

Florida State at N.C. State
Amato knows this:
Thursday night is bad for Noles;
But it's not enough.
(The Pick: Florida State 21, N.C. State 13)

Clemson at Wake Forest
Clemson is quite wary.
Wake won't be taken lightly.
These Tigers? For real.
(The Pick: Clemson 34, Wake Forest 17)

North Carolina at Miami
Coker, Bunting, ack!
Their jobs on the line this year.
Canes win; no relief.
(The Pick: Miami 28, North Carolina 14)

Maryland at Georgia Tech
The Fridge, back at Dodd.
Longing for his days of yore,
When TDs weren't strange.
(The Pick: Georgia Tech 23, Maryland 9)

Virginia at East Carolina
A new Virginia?
The romp over Duke, a tonic!
Back to normal now.
(The Pick: East Carolina 17, Virginia 14)

Duke at Alabama
Uh-oh, Duke is up.
This matchup? Bad for the league.
Bama, please have mercy.
(The Pick: Alabama 35, Duke 0)

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