Friday, September 29, 2006

For Entertainment Purposes Only, The Sequel

As I mused here last week, I noted a few games in which I found the spread to be a tad "generous". In retrospect, the vampires in Vegas feed off of juicy-red-blooded morons like me. Which is why I don't gamble.

In review, I still went 2-2 with my picks....nailing one of them exactly (picking Western Michigan to cover a 30pt spread over Temple by a score of 41-7; to my gleeful astonishment, they beat Temple 41-7), and missing one very very badly (that would be picking UTEP to cover 9pts over New Mexico; UTEP happened to actually lose by 13).

So, I think I'll give it another whirl.....

Rutgers (-3.5) at South Florida
I live in the Tampa area, and there's one thing I can tell you: if USF happens to win, it won't be because of "home field advantage". There will be about 25k on hand for tonight's game, but make no mistake--the Bulls just rent space in my beloved Buccaneers' stadium. From the huge pirate ship in the north end zone, to the 532 (rough estimate) Bucs logos emblazoned around the stadium, to the red seats and red trim around the field (hmmm...kind of fitting for the Scarlet Knights actually) the Bulls lack a real home presence. And, Rutgers is just pretty dadgum good this year too. Rutgers 24, South Florida 14

Oregon (-1.5) at Arizona State
There just has to be something I'm unaware of (did half of the Ducks come down with mono or something?) because this just looks too easy. ASU has been one of the bigger frauds over the last few years, and Oregon is undefeated (speaking of fraud.....). This is probably one of those games where the leeches in Vegas make their killings, but I'm going to fall for it anyway. Oregon 34, Arizona State 26

Alabama at Florida (-15.5)
The Tide have no offense and Florida has a stout defense. And Urban Meyer has been looking toward this game for the past year after his 31-3 depantsing in Tuscaloosa in '05. Florida 34, Alabama 13

Kansas State (-1.5) at Baylor
Ditto my Oregon-ASU reasoning. This just looks too easy. There must be something I'm unaware of. Oh well. Kansas State 20, Baylor 13

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