Friday, September 29, 2006

Week 5 Haiku-Preview

My apologies for the dip in quality and quantity of posts this past week; life has intruded. Here's a quick preview of this upcoming weekend and - shockingly - in my judgment, there are no embarrassing out-of-conference fiascos on the horizon.

Virginia at Duke
It's quite sad to see,
The Wahoos have sunk so low.
But Duke is still worse.
(The Pick: Virginia 20, Duke 17)

Maine at Boston College
BC bloggers unite:
O'Brien is not big-time.
This game proves nothing.
(The Pick: Boston College 34, Maine 10)

Liberty at Wake Forest
Wake-mania is here;
5 and 0 is on the way.
First place on Sunday!
(The Pick: Wake Forest 38, Liberty 7)

Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech
Two things are certain:
Tech will struggle Saturday,
But Tech will still win.
(The Pick: Georgia Tech 24, Virginia Tech 21)

Houston at Miami
A breather at last?
Canes are still licking their wounds.
Cougars won't roll over.
(The Pick: Miami 30, Houston 17)

Louisiana Tech at Clemson
Tigers are in control.
This game's a mere tune up for
Big showdown with Wake!
(The Pick: Clemson 42, Louisiana Tech 16)

Yes my friends, the end of September will have Georgia Tech and....ahem...Wake Forest in the driver's seats for the ACC title game. I love this damn sport.

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