Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ACC Championship Game & Bowl Picks

Clemson beats an overmatched North Carolina squad 34-14 before 58,000 in Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. Next.

Please review the ACC bowl pecking order (.pdf file) before poring over these picks.

Here's how I see things shaping out this bowl season...

1. Orange (ACC Champ vs. BCS): CLEMSON vs. West Virginia
2. Chick-Fil-A (ACC vs. SEC): FLORIDA STATE vs. Auburn
3. Gator (ACC vs. Big XII, Big East, or Notre Dame): NORTH CAROLINA vs. South Florida
4. Champs Sports (ACC vs. Big Ten): VIRGINIA TECH vs. Illinois
5. Music City (ACC vs. SEC): WAKE FOREST vs. South Carolina
6. Meineke Car Care (ACC vs. Big East): BOSTON COLLEGE vs. Rutgers
7. Emerald (ACC vs. Pac 10): MIAMI vs. Oregon State
8. Humanitarian (ACC vs. WAC): MARYLAND vs. Boise State

*The ACC has a ninth tie-in with the Congressional Bowl in Washington DC, but my powers of foresight indicate that the league will not be able to fill it's spot

And thus endeth my preseason preview. Each team's capsule, the divisional outlooks, and this forecast can be found on the right sidebar under the cryptically titled "2008 ACC Preview". The best time of the year begins tomorrow. Can't freaking wait.


Unknown said...

OOOPS! I guess you missed that one...will be interesting to see if Clemson can actually turn things around and win the title...not so sure!

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