Monday, December 1, 2008

Slightly Tardy Blog Pollin'

1 Texas
2 Oklahoma
3 Alabama
4 Florida
5 Southern Cal
6 Penn State
7 Texas Tech
8 Utah
9 Ohio State
10 Oklahoma State
11 Boise State
12 Georgia Tech
13 TCU
14 Missouri
15 Mississippi
16 Boston College
17 Ball State
18 Cincinnati
19 Georgia
20 Pittsburgh
21 Oregon
22 North Carolina
23 Oregon State
24 Michigan State
25 Florida State
Dropped Out: none
Discuss. If you want to.


Brian said...

Marcus - UNC ... still? 8-4, 4-4 UNC?

Marcus said...

Blowouts of GT (28-7), BC (45-24), UConn (38-12), Rutgers (44-12).

Close losses to VT (20-17), MD (17-15), UVA (in OT).

Yeah, they got manhandled by NC State. I'm still not sure how to place that in the whole scheme of things.

Remember, I'm ranking based on overall season resume, not as a "power poll".

Brian said...

OK, cool. I guess I'm thinking Virginia Tech gets the nod over North Carolina given the head-to-head, the same overall record and better ACC record. Slightly better SOS too.

I also don't tend to weigh in blowout wins over Big East flashes in the pan ... :)

Brian said...

Sorry. Sour grapes on the Big Least? Perhaps. To be honest, I do think we'll see Rutgers, Connecticut and South Florida float back down to Earth over the next few seasons ...

So head-to-head be damned for UNC vs. VT ... but head-to-head reigns in UT vs. OU? :)

BTW, HT for keeping Texas above Oklahoma.

Marcus said...

Eaaaasyy on those Big East "flashes in the pan";-) The Big Least is the only other BCS league with a winning record against the other BCS conferences.

UNC's beatdown of Rutgers didn't mean much until the Knights turned things around.

As for VT, I just think UNC has the better overall resume for the season, head-to-head matchup be damned. Although VT's win at Nebraska looks better and better every week....

Marcus said...

It was close on OU/Tx...but I like Texas more because - to beat a dead horse - their resume looks better...not just who they beat (and lost to), but how.

Texas is a dropped INT and then a last minute miracle TD from being considered the best team ever. That four game gauntlet in a row - OU, Mizzou, OK St, Tx Tech - is the toughest stretch any team has faced since I've followed college football.

Don't get me wrong - if Texas and OU played tomorrow, I'd pick OU 49-42...but that's not what its about.