Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bumfuzzlin' Blog Pollin'

"Blog Poll"? The story behind the legend.
1 Texas Tech
2 Alabama
3 Penn State
4 Texas
5 Oklahoma
6 Florida
7 Oklahoma State
8 Southern Cal
9 Utah
10 TCU
11 Boise State
12 Ohio State
13 Missouri
14 North Carolina
15 Georgia Tech
16 Georgia
17 Florida State
18 Ball State
19 Michigan State
20 California
21 Oregon State
22 Maryland
23 Pittsburgh
24 Virginia Tech
25 Minnesota
Dropped Out: Tulsa (#20), Notre Dame (#22), Connecticut (#25)
Maybe Next Week: Oh who the hell cares at this point

--I'm at a loss after #16. I'm sticking the Noles at #17 because I'm a bit biased and because of the razor-thin circumstance of yesterday's loss at Georgia Tech (sure TD becomes a fumble in the end zone with 45 seconds left after a Jacket helmet pops the ball out of the arms of FSU's Marcus Sims at the goal line). That's also why I give Virginia Tech almost a complete pass for the loss to ECU in week one (blocked punt for a TD with a minute to go).
--I may be a week too early with anointing Texas Tech, but what the hell. Bama's win over Georgia just got devalued quite a bit and the uncomfortably close wins over Ole Miss and Kentucky don't sit well with me.
--I don't know how anyone can't have Texas as the highest ranked one-loss team. Their last four games are the toughest month-long gauntlet I've seen a team play in my lifetime.
--5 ACC teams on my ballot. Sue me.


Lee said...

Cal #20, MD #22m huh?

Marcus said...

Yup. MD beat Cal, but Cal's two losses are somewhat respectable - to MD and to Arizona. The Terps' losses are of the "What the F***?" variety. Middle Tennessee (and not close, either) and the 31-0 shutout to UVA. And the nailbiter with Delaware in the opener doesn't help.

It's about the overall resume. And the Terps will have a damn impressive one if they win out. Right now, Cal's is just a little better. But I could be wrong.

Lee said...

Yeah I can respect that I guess. The two losses are certainly head scratchers. I guess it comes down to if you penalize more for bad losses or credit more for good wins. After MD beats VT and USC stomps out Cal it won't matter much anyways...

Lee said...

ACC almost getting the respect it deserves..