Saturday, November 1, 2008


Wondering where to find today's games on the tube or the interwebby? Perhaps I can be of assistance...

Miami @ Virginia, noon ET - Raycom, Gameplan, ESPN360
Duke @ Wake Forest, 3:30pm ET - ESPN360 (web only)
Clemson @ Boston College, 3:30pm ET - ESPNU
Florida State @ Georgia Tech, 3:30pm ET - ABC, ESPN, Gameplan, ESPN360

Happy viewing!


mobius said...

I'm a big Florida State fan and Georgia Tech alum attending the game today with some of my Tech buddies. Can you say 'awkward'?

Marcus said...

Only if the Noles lose....then they can rag on you and call you a traitor. If the Noles win, it's all good.

mobius said...

just got back from the game and all I can say is ugggggghhh. You have to be impressed with Ponder, Richardson, and the offense, and they way they made the plays when they had to to come back, but that fumble at the end was an absolutely brutal way to lose. Why did we have the freshman in there and Antone on the sidelines? I know Thomas had been unstoppable most of the game (looks like we're in great shape for the future), but when you HAVE to make a play I'd rather have the senior in there.

Oh well, you had to figure FSU was too error-prone to win out. Thankfully I believe we can still make it to the ACCCG if we win the next three, but damn I'd feel so much better about 7-1.

mobius said...

okay my bad, it was Sims who fumbled not Thomas (hadn't read the recap yet and from my seat it looked like #38, not #35). Somehow that's even worse b/c I can't fault the coaches for going with the big back there. Just rotten luck on the fumble. $#%^@#^%@&!!!

Marcus said...

The FSU boards are screaming about giving Sims the ball when Thomas was on fire. Sims had a fumble last week too but you've gotta have faith in your guys at the same time. And Thomas was gassed from what I've heard.

Just stupid rotten only-at-FSU luck.