Monday, October 13, 2008

"What must be done eventually...

...should be done immediately."

I have no idea where that quote came from or if the wording is exact, I've just heard it bandied about for a few years in various circles. Regardless, the point of the statement is very clear. And that is why Tommy Bowden was canned today at Clemson.

Tigers wide receivers' coach Dabo Swinney takes over as interim boss for the rest of the season. Let me make the bold prediction that Swinney gets the gig full-time if the Tigers go 3-3 or better in the final six games and look competent and energized in the process. With Bowden's huge buyout, the money simply isn't there to go elephant hunting.

Oh, and Swinney's first big action as head coach? Sending OC Rob Spence (who technically was his direct supervisor as of yesterday, right?) packing. Ah, such drama over a silly game.

Peace out


Hokie1971 said...

It is not really a big surprise that Tommy Bowden was fired based on expectations and results - But - I would like to express my sincere respect for the man who has shown admirable character during and following every game I have seen him coach. He is humble in victory, and generous in defeat. Though his win loss record is mediocre, his character is something we as ACC fans should be proud of. I wish you the very best, Coach Bowden.

mobius said...

Holy Schnikees dude, I can't say I'm surprised by the action but the timing took me by surprise. I assume Clemson already has their eye on somebody - Kiffin? Muschamp? - and felt they should follow the UF model and free themselves to pursue whoever they wanted without scandal. Best of luck to Clemson, and I hope Bobby orders Jimbo to run up the score on them in revenge!

Marcus said...

I could be way off, but I think the timing off the firing is to give Swinney half-a-season to show if he can do the job. I just don't think the Tigers are willing to risk a ton of money on a big-name coach when they have $6mil to still pay Tommy.

I'm not sure if Mushcamp would be pricey to grab. Kiffin definitely would be.

cmadler said...

The quote is usually attributed to Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley, on his decision to fire Ron Zook in 2004.