Saturday, October 11, 2008

What in the name of John W. Heisman...?

Georgia Tech 10, Gardner-Webb 7...early 4th quarter

Box score says that Calvin Booker is QB for the Jackets...and is highly ineffective. How 'bout a little Josh Nesbitt or Jaybo Shaw? I know they're both a bit banged up but this is a catastrophe-in-the-making and some serious relief is needed. And how is Jonathan Dwyer only rushing for 2.1 yards per carry against an average 1-AA/FCS squad?

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Justin Smith said...

Jaybo had a concussion and the trainers had not cleared him to play. Josh supposedly had no burst so he would probably have been ineffective as well, not to mention the high risk of reinjuring the hamstring and having him out for the crucial part of the season.

As far as Dwyer not doing well, our O-line played a horrendous game. It also didn't help that it was painfully obvious that Calvin Booker could not read the triple option very well at all.