Sunday, October 19, 2008


I'm not exactly the biggest MLB fan, but I schlepped through many a game (and beer or two or twelve) at the Trop in the early days of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays franchise, mainly because my boss had season tickets yet frequently dumped them on me and co-worker buddies because he couldn't give them away to clients, family, homeless, etc.

There is no explanation for what has just happened. After suffering under the worst ownership and management of any professional sports team for the first eight years of it's existence, by year three of the Sternberg/Friedman/Maddon regime the friggin Rays are in the World Series.

This is stupid crazy good.


Preston said...

Very exciting finish last night. I felt so good for Price (that man can pitch) and so happy to see the looks on all the Sox players'/fans' faces...As a Braves fan, it reminds me exactly of our '91 season. I don't think the Rays will have Kent Hrbek pulling Ron Gant's leg off the bag in a pivotal game, so maybe they can win it all...

Marcus said...

That 91 series was one of the best of all time...who had the better regular season record that year, Twins or Braves? I can't remember.

I just hope the Rays bats don't go cold against the Phils.