Sunday, October 19, 2008

Highly Questionable Blog Pollin'

1 Texas --
2 Alabama --
3 Penn State --
4 Oklahoma State --
5 Oklahoma --
6 Southern Cal --
7 Utah 3
8 Ohio State 4
9 Florida 1
10 Texas Tech 3
11 Georgia 4
12 TCU 13
13 Missouri 4
14 Boise State 3
15 North Carolina 1
16 Georgia Tech 10
17 Boston College 9
18 Virginia Tech 5
19 Pittsburgh 5
20 South Florida 2
21 Kansas --
22 LSU 2
23 Minnesota 3
24 Florida State 1
25 Michigan State 6
Dropped Out: Brigham Young (#16), Wake Forest (#17), Ball State (#22)
Maybe Next Week: Kentucky, Oregon State, Northwestern, Arizona, Tulsa

What is the "Blog Poll"? Click here.

Remember, this is not a power poll. The team I rated #1 has the most impressive resume thus far, while team #25 has the twenty-fifth best body of work in my estimation.

Anyway, something about my ballot just doesn't feel quite right. Suggestions, comments, insults are welcome.


Tomahawk Nation said...

From a pure resume perspective, I struggle to see how Missou's drubbing of a below average Husker team is better than some of the folks below them.

I congratulate you for purging BYU.

Northwestern should be over MSU. I know MSU beat NW, but if you're going with resume, I don't think they compare.

T Nation

Totally agree that something feels askew this week. Why? 16 2-loss BCS conference teams. Next weekend is much easier.

Lee said...

Terps get in your top 25 if they prove they can beat a team they should beat in NCState next weekend?

Marcus said...

Probably not Lee...the Middle Tennessee loss and the shutout to UVA are just horrifyingly bad. The Cal win was good but looks less impressive with each passing week. The Wake win is great but the Deacs' offense has been awful for a month.

Beat VT, UNC and FSU and they'll be in, provided they don't lose in the meantime.

Marcus said...

TN- I wouldn't classify Nebraska as below average. Certainly not great, but they're decent. They took Texas Tech to OT in Lubbock the week after the Mizzou beatdown.

I'm just not seeing more impressive wins from the clubs below Missouri. VT knocked off GT and NC (and those same Huskers), but close and the Hokies were anything but dominant.

Michigan State torched Northwestern and has decent wins over Notre Dame and Iowa. Their loss to Ohio State was ugly, but I think it says more about the Buckeyes than Sparty. The Wildcats' best showings were Iowa (22-17) and then Duke (24-20). 16-8 over Ohio isn't very impressive. Still, Northwestern is on the cusp.

Lee said...

"Beat VT, UNC and FSU and they'll be in, provided they don't lose in the meantime."

Wow that would be 9-2 with wins over at least 4 if not 5 ranked teams, I would hope that gets them ranked!

I can see still holding them out after a win over State but @VT on a Thursday night is a quality win no matter what VT team is on the field. And Cal looks bad because Best is broken which is a result of the beat down MD game them.

I just think the ACC is really underrepresented in the national polls this year. Basically you have 6 or 7 teams that are between 10 and 40 nationally beating up on each other week in and week out and I see MD in the middle of that mix. In the first BCS standings you see this as the two ACC teams in the top 25 have much higher computer rankings than pollster rankings (computer being unbiased and far superior in my opinion). Looking forward to the OOC write up, great site.