Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Return of The Blog Poll

"Blog Poll?" Yes, Blog Poll. An explanation can be found here.

Anyhoo, allow me to present the official ACCFR preseason Blog Poll ballot in all it's glory. Bash away if you like.
1 Ohio State
2 Oklahoma
3 Southern Cal
4 Florida
5 Missouri
6 Georgia
7 Texas
8 West Virginia
9 Auburn
10 LSU
11 Clemson
12 Wisconsin
13 Brigham Young
14 Wake Forest
15 Oregon
16 South Florida
17 Texas Tech
18 Arizona State
19 Kansas
20 Virginia Tech
21 Penn State
22 Tennessee
23 Utah
24 Illinois
25 North Carolina

--This specific ballot is a power poll. I'm ranking teams based on how good I think they are, not where I think they'll finish at the end of the year. I'll switch to resume-ranking sometime in the first few weeks of the season.

--All in all, a pretty boring ballot, and not much different than what you'll see in the preseason mags and on ESPN et al, except for that curveball at #25. And I'm deadly serious about the Heels this year.

--I'm backlashing the backlash against Ohio State. Yeah, I get it, they got dominated in the last two title games. They play in - debatably - the worst BCS league. But you tell me who's a better team heading into 2008. USC? We'll find out on Sept. 13. Oklahoma? They got drilled in a BCS game last year too and not by the national champs. Defensively challenged Florida, coming off a 4-loss year? I don't think so. Georgia? Overrated and they're losing players almost daily to injury and to the county clink.

--Conference call: ACC (4 teams), Big East (2), Big Ten (4), Big XII (5), Pac 10 (3), SEC (5), Mountain West (2).


Anonymous said...

please don't do that to my Heels.

with a relatively weak schedule (no sure-fire top 10 teams, at least), we've got a good shot at winding up there - depending on how the rutgers game goes - but we sure don't deserve to start that high... :)

Brian said...

even though i fully expect them to choke it away in the end, i think clemson is much more talented than 11.

and the heels over my eagles? pfft.

Marcus said...

Don't sell yourselves short Heel fan. I'm very high on the talent and coaching mix in Chapel Hill right now.

That said, UNC is there at #25 because I'm really, really not all that impressed with what's left. In fact, you could put teams 20 through about 40 in a hat, pull them out randomly and rank 'em that way, and I probably wouldn't argue much with the rankings.

Marcus said...

Sorry brian, but I'm just calling it as I see it. Too much was lost on offense and in the secondary for me to rank BC as one of the 25 best heading into the season. That said, I wouldn't be surprised in the least to see them finish in the Top 25.

And Clemson at #11 is fair. Talent-wise, they're probably top 6 or top 7. But their coaching staff pulls them down to 11 or so.

Brian said...

love the dig on t. bowden. keep up the good work over here, and happy blog polling.