Monday, December 31, 2007

A Very Quick Music City Bowl Preview

FLORIDA STATE (7-5) vs. KENTUCKY (7-5) - Dec. 31, 2007, 4:30pm ET (ESPN)
In short, it will be a moral victory if the Seminoles can keep Kentucky under 40 and keep the margin of victory within 20. After two dozen suspensions stemming from a cheating scandal in an online course, on top of another dozen players lost to injury, the Seminoles enter this afternoon's matchup perilously thin...but with no pressure. No one expects them to be very competitive, much less win. Kentucky is shouldered with all the pressure to not just win, but to do so with decided ease.

The Seminoles' two-deep depth chart for the game is comical. Of the 47 spots listed, only 40 different players fill them. I'm a Seminole alum and follow the team closely, and I don't recognize several names on the chart. Thankfully for the Noles, their top four offensive playmakers will be present as well as most of their top defensive talent. Even without the legion of missing players, the offensive lines and the secondary were weak points for FSU. Now, they are impending disasters.

Look for the Noles to play out of their minds for most of the first half. Then watch for fatigue to settle in just before halftime, and for the inevitable unravelling in the second half. The 'Cats will put on the brakes midway through the 4th quarter in a show of mercy.

Kentucky 41, Florida State 17

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