Sunday, October 14, 2007

This Week's Blog Poll Ballot - Can I Just Stop at #15?

What is this "Blog Poll" of which I speak? I got your answer right here.

1Ohio State 1
2South Florida 3
3Boston College 1
4LSU 3
5Oregon 1
6Oklahoma 1
7Arizona State 1
8California 5
9South Carolina--
10Kentucky 5
11West Virginia 1
12Virginia Tech 2
13Kansas 6
14Missouri 3
15Florida 1
16Southern Cal 3
17Auburn 7
18Virginia 5
19Hawaii 6
20Penn State 6
21Kansas State 5
22Wake Forest 4
23Cincinnati 11
24Texas 2
25Texas Tech 1

Dropped Out: Florida State (#17), Illinois (#18), Colorado (#20), Wisconsin (#21), Connecticut (#22)

Ballot Meditations
>>>I'm queasy about every team ranked #16 and below. There are about 30 different ballclubs that could make a case for being ranked between 16 and 25 right now; scratch that...this year provides ample reason to trim the poll to "Top 15".

>>>I don't think anyone goes unbeaten this season. Not a one (including Hawaii). But, if one team does, it'll be USF. The Bulls travel to Rutgers, UConn and Pitt in their remaining road games...if they get past the Scarlet Knights, they're likely home-free. Ohio State goes to Penn State and Michigan, and BC travels to Virginia Tech, Maryland, and Clemson and has the ACC title game after that. Kansas and Arizona State will be picked off soon.

>>>Florida's close, respectable loss at LSU - the reason some Tebowfied pollsters and voters kept UF in their Top 10 (and even Top 5 in some ridiculous cases), despite the home loss to Auburn and a nailbiter with Ole Miss before that - just got devalued quite a bit. A two-loss team is a two-loss team no matter how you slice it...the Gators should have to work their way back up the polls like everyone else. And they very well could, starting at Kentucky next week.

>>>The Pac 10 has to be kicking themselves for playing nine conference games this year. There are three - maybe four - legitimate national title contenders in the league this year and it's probable that they're all going to knock each other off. Imagine if Oregon skipped Cal this year or if Cal had skipped Oregon State....or, ahem, if Stanford had rotated off USC's schedule.

>>>Teams lined up for departure from next week's ballot: Auburn (at LSU), Virginia (at Maryland), Wake Forest (at Navy), Texas Tech (at Missouri).

Feel free to fire away...I can easily be persuaded in this crazy year.


Chirag said...

how is tOSU #1 they haven't played anyone. Their signature win is over Washington...
If you go by resume and not name, USF is the best of the unbeatens.

Marcus said...

That's a fair question. USF's close call w/FAU last week was a little concerning. Ohio St has just dominated everyone they've played (they've only given up 48pts in 7 games), although USF has played a tougher schedule so far.

And the Bucks' signature is Purdue (23-7 last week), not Washington.