Tuesday, October 2, 2007

About Last Saturday...

Due to time constraints (life and work, yet again), my very brief review of last weekend's festivities....

--ACC 2, Big East 1....and we're almost getting to the point where NC State losses can be disregarded as "well, it's NC State for God's sake". Duke formerly held that illustrious distinction.

--Florida State 21, Alabama 14....the Noles just became a trendy pick to win the league, thanks to the unleashing of a now-properly-coached Xavier Lee on the hapless college football world.

--Lethargy from the Old Big East camp (BC, Miami, VT)....snap out of it fellas, Maryland and Virginia just buried your old league; try to look alive next time.

--Georgia Tech 13, Clemson 3....the most predictable result that I didn't actually predict.

In lieu of my usual drawn-out post-weekend analysis, please enjoy the following scenes from "The Office" - the appallingly unfair TV competition to Thursday night ACC football in the fall. Damn you, John Swofford...let me have my Dwight Schrute fix without having to sacrifice the usual Maryland-Georgia Tech and Boston College-Virginia Tech showdowns.

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