Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday ACC Blog Tour

...The Gnomes report on Clemson's new, low key attitude this season.

...DudeSpin has a few thoughts about the Blue Devils' gut-wrenching loss at Navy.

...Nice work by ChantRant in illustrating how Georgia's maligned, young OL grew up against Alabama. FSU enters the Bama game this Saturday in the same boat.

...Mash on the Gas posits six plays in last week's Yellow Jacket loss to Virginia that cost his beloved Wreck the game

...Turtle Waxing has an understandably humor-free but well-thought out recap of the Terps collapse at Wake

...Various items of Hurricane interest can be found at the brand new Miami blog Hall of Canes

...Tar Heel Fan waxes about the beatdown to USF, and about the general state of UNC football.

...Section Six has a dandy breakdown of Louisville's comical secondary woes, along with a statistical analysis of the not-so-stellar passing attacks that have laid waste to the Cardinal defense. Chin up, State fans.

...Mahini at the Good Ol' Blog sees blood in the water as Pitt and the Wannstache come calling.

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