Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday News & Notes

--Nick Saban practically gushes when discussing the supposed intricacies of the FSU offense under Jimbo Fisher, his OC at LSU. Oh yeah, the Noles play the Tide this Saturday in Jacksonville.

--Miami's romp over Texas A&M - combined with Georgia Tech's inexplicable collapse and Virginia Tech's all-around blah-ness - may have made the Hurricanes the team to beat in the Coastal Division.

--Even the Cavaliers don't quite seem to know why or how they've turned their season around. Which is why I'm not buying UVA stock just yet.

--In reaction to their late season collapse in 2006, the Tigers are making a concerted effort to keep James Davis and CJ Spiller as fresh as possible for the conference wars to come in the next two months. Not a bad idea.

--The Pick has already become a part of Wake Forest lore, just three days after the play ignited the Deacons' spirited comeback against Maryland.

--Meanwhile, the Terrapins are living proof that one team's pleasure is another's excruciating pain.

--Apparently, the Yellow Jackets aren't much better on offense this year, even sans Reggie Ball and Patrick Nix.

--Boston College's 4-0 start already has some long-time Eagles fans wondering if this is The Year for BC football. Jeff Jagodzinski is doing his best to temper unbridled enthusiasm.

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