Monday, September 24, 2007

Blog Poll Ballot, Week 5

3Southern Cal--
4West Virginia 2
5Florida 1
6California 1
7Boston College 1
8Ohio State 1
9Texas 3
12Clemson 3
13South Florida 5
14Arizona State 12
15Wisconsin 2
16Hawaii 8
17Cincinnati 9
18Kentucky 4
19Virginia Tech 4
20South Carolina 4
21Georgia 5
22Missouri 1
23Miami (Florida) 3
24Penn State 17
25Alabama 6

Dropped Out: Georgia Tech (#17), Nebraska (#20), Louisville (#22), Texas A&M (#25)

--West Virginia leapfrogs the Gators...Ole Miss is likely the worst team in the SEC, and it's readily apparent now that UF is one Tim Tebow blown knee from going 8-4 this season.
--I'm late on the Arizona State and Cincinnati bandwagons, but I'm solidly aboard now.
--Kentucky drops due to my overexhuberant ranking last week, and now that their win over Louisville has been devalued.
--Wisconsin continues to unimpress and underperform, 4-0 nothwithstanding.
--I'm probably being a bit harsh on Penn State, but nine straight to the Wolverines?

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