Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday ACC Blog Tour

...Ramblin' Racket has a new favorite blog. I truly appreciate the love, but this affair could end badly if the Jackets make me look like a doof this season.

...Tomahawk Nation has some tidy updates of the latest Seminole practices.

...Mobius at The Chop Shop - my favorite FSU blog from last year - has informed me that he won't be posting this year. Dammit.

...Tar Heel Fan called it correctly last week when he picked TJ Yates as starting QB. Good to see that Butch Davis agrees. Sort of.

...Section Six appears to be sweating out the opener with UCF. I think the Wolfpack will be fine.

...Mahini at The Sabre articulated what I wanted to say about Michael Tauiliili's return to the Blue Devils, but didn't have the heart to (you know, because of the chaotic overreaction to the lacrosse episode, and the general suckitude of the football program).

...Turtle Waxing joins an ever increasing legion that sees things playing out a bit differently than I do in the ACC this season. Must. Keep. Faith.

...And last but most certainly not least, the godfather of ACC bloggers is hanging it up. Dave of "Dave Sez" fame is riding off into the sunset. Best wishes.


Dave said...

Godfather, huh? I wish I'd known!

Thanks, man.

Marcus said...

You're quite welcome Dave. Feel free to chime in here whenever you please. I could certainly use the insight!