Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday News & Notes

...ESPN's Mark Schlabach opines on the 2007 edition of coaches on the hot seat; Clemson's Tommy Bowden has managed to earn tenure on these lists, as he makes his 38th consecutive appearance and is the headliner this year. Ted Roof at Duke and Al Groh at Virginia make unwanted appearances as well.

...Backhanded motivation, or straight-up candor? Seminole OC Jimbo Fisher says that the QB job is now a three-way race, with redshirt freshman Christian Ponder in consideration. My guess is that this is but another tool in Fisher's bag o' tricks to motivate Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee to make solid, concrete cases for themselves. There's no way the Noles are going to throw a redshirt frosh out against Clemson on Labor Day evening with less than a month's work with the first team.

...UNC is still searching for their starting QB as well, which may be good news for last year's sometime-starter Cam Sexton; real and considerable playing time (albeit a bit unimpressive) would have to be a tiebreaker if everything else is even among the QB trio.

...Miami's feared voodoo magic in the old Orange Bowl stadium may come to an end as early as next season. As one who has attended games there as a fan of an opposing team (Florida State, '96 and '98 contests), this is certainly welcome news and I'm much more likely to attend a Cane game in Dolphin Stadium, which is an actual 20th century facility, located in the northern part of Miami-Dade county, and likely too far for the riff-raff to carjack their way up to the game.

...This story would be mildly comical if it didn't involve the athletic director of one of our military service academies. Navy AD Chet Gladchuk had his wittle feewings hurt - and is apparently still sobbing into his pillow each night - when the Academy's instate "rival", Maryland, opted to play in the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando last year instead of the Meineke Car Care Bowl in Charlotte, in which the Midshipmen lost to Boston College. Hmmm...December in Central Florida, or in 30-degree, roll up the streets at 9pm downtown Charlotte? You'd think that anyone in any kind of executive position at Annapolis would have a slightly better disposition than that of a spurned 14-year old girl, but apparently you'd be wrong.

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