Thursday, August 9, 2007

USA Today/Coaches' Top 25

So last week the preseason coaches' poll was unveiled, and it featured exactly two ACC teams in the Top 25...America's sentimental favorite Virginia Tech at #9, and Atlantic Division favorite/Wake Forest biotch Florida State at #21. Needless to say, this was not the type of reputation the suits in Greensboro had hoped to engender when clumsily expanding the conference in 2004.

That said, there is some silver lining; the top three in "other's receiving votes" are Georgia Tech, Boston College and Miami, while Wake Forest (#31) and Clemson (#36) also garner votes (and no, I'm not counting Steve Spurrier's increasingly lame and tiresome annual Duke vote).

It's quite clear that the ACC has to prove itself on the field this year based on the last few seasons, and that's fair. Sure, I could gripe about some of the more questionable rankings...UCLA at #17, four ahead of FSU who pummeled them in the bowl and had the same record? Texas A&M in the rankings ahead of any of the "others receiving votes" ACC clubs? The Aggies went 9-4 last year, got obliterated by Cal in the Holiday Bowl, return 14 starters, and are karmically haunted thanks to Dennis Franchione. I'll take the Jackets, Eagles, Canes, Deacons and Tigers over them any week this year (and Miami better prove me right on Sept. 20).

Nonetheless, all of us in the ACC family would do well to zip it and let the season play out. Not that I'm going to follow my own advice or anything...

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FranMan said...

Unfortunately, I think it's safe to say that Miami will prove you right. We don't have a coach.