Thursday, November 2, 2006

Off the Top of My Head

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, had some connection issues (thanks Brighthouse-Florida! You suck!).

Anyway, for your bemusement, some random thoughts:

*Florida State...a new QB, much improved rushing attack, another loss. It's easy to point a finger or two at the defense, but since there are 6 different starters on that unit from the opener at Miami, we're dealing with a snakebit, but self-destructive team. And by self-destructive, I point to the offensive coaching staff. Xavier Lee looked like a 3rd-year starter against Maryland, calmly and coolly driving the Noles up and down the field, with no turnovers. As much of a nice kid Drew Weatherford is, he never looked this good in any of his 20 previous starts. This was start #1 for Lee. Weatherford's tendonitis may be the best thing to ever happen to the 3 stooges on FSU's offensive coaching staff.

*It's Miami vs. Virginia Tech Week, yet it's only about the 3rd best game in the league this week. And, unfortunately, it's not because the ACC has upped it's game. Miami is playing out the string in Coker's last days, while the Hokies are probably the biggest enigma in the league in '06.

*Chesty Badshades McRedshoes is also likely playing out the string. What Chuck Amato has done this season is actually quite remarkable. Outside of the season opener with Appalachian State, he has lost every game he probably should've won (Virginia, Maryland, Wake Forest, Southern Miss, Akron), and won the two big games he should've lost (Boston College, Florida State). The Pack's remaining schedule? Georgia Tech, @Clemson, @UNC, East Carolina. Considering UNC's inexplicable past success against Amato, the Pack could easily drop all 4.

*Boston College-Wake Forest, ACC Game Of The Year? Believe it. Georgia Tech, barring a collapse that actually wouldn't be too surprising considering the head coach, has likely sewn up the Coastal. So, Eagles-Deacons is now the likely Atlantic Division title game. As an ACC fan, I love it. As an FSU fan, I think I'll simultaneously gouge my eyes out and stick a fork in my ear.

*Not a lot of noise coming from Chapel Hill about the post-Bunting head gig. I'd say Butch Davis isn't too likely. He's kind of unemployed right now, and the UNC job has now been wide open for almost 2 weeks, and we hear nothin'.

That's all for tonight.


mobius said...

Hmmmmmm...any chance we could get UNC to take Jeff off our hands?

Marcus said...

I'm afraid Jeff's reputation is one of the more toxic ones in asst.-coach-land these days. We FSU fans are partly to blame on that one, since we've been (correctly) loud and vocal about Jeff's inadequacies.

Jeff interviewed for the head coaching job at Liberty last year and didn't get it. That was the best shot for FSU to be rid of him. Now, he'll be here until Bobby retires.....