Monday, October 30, 2006

This Week's Blog Poll Ballot Extraordinaire

1Ohio State--
3West Virginia 1
4Auburn 3
5Florida 4
6Texas 4
7Louisville 2
9Notre Dame 2
10Southern Cal 7
11Boston College 3
13California 3
14Arkansas 1
16LSU 1
17Clemson 11
18Wake Forest--
19Georgia Tech--
20Boise State--
21Oklahoma 3
22Virginia Tech 3
23Texas A&M 2
24Oregon 2
25Brigham Young 1

Dropped Out: Missouri (#22), Nebraska (#23)

Games Watched: Virginia Tech-Clemson, Georgia Tech-Miami, Maryland-Florida State, Tennessee-South Carolina (4th Q)

--Someone slap me the next time I make bold, pompous, declarative statements like this doozy last week: "And speaking of Clemson, folks, they are the best 1-loss team out there right now. Period. End of story." Sometimes, hell many times, I'm just a moron.
--The cumulative effect of USC's close-calls w/Arizona State, Washington and Washington State along with Saturday's 2-pt loss to Oregon State dropped them further than just a close loss like that normally would.
--If the Ohio State-Michigan game is an intense, close nailbiter, don't expect the loser to drop far, if at all (well, Ohio State would technically have to drop if they lose, but still.....). If Michigan loses by a field goal late or in OT, that doesn't mean they should automatically fall behind Auburn, Florida, Texas, etc. But I'm getting way ahead of myself here.
--Some teams on the cusp of my poll: Maryland, Tulsa, Missouri, Alabama, Pitt, Washington State.

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