Friday, November 24, 2006

Canes can Larry Coker

Paging Mr. Schiano, Paging Mr. Schiano...

A little over 12 hours after defeating #18 Boston College to become bowl-eligible, Larry Coker was fired as head coach by the University of Miami, effective after any potential bowl game. Coker's firing caps a hellish season for the Hurricanes both on and off the field.

Would I like to be the next Florida State offensive coordinator? Hell yeaaaaahhh!


Anonymous said...

If brains were gas, Paul Dee and Sha blah blah wouldn't have enough to fuel a pizz ant's go-cart around a cheerio. Coker (59-15, 84% grad rate) has more class than all of them combined. Look at where the "U" ranks in football compared to Sha blah blah's University in academics (#54 in US News report of 2007 Best Colleges). She should "can" herself.

Don't even talk about the "brawl".... Coker brought the hammer down and put an end to that mess as evidenced by the team's behavior the remainder of the year.

Whoever accepts the job for them is getting what they deserve.

I hope Coker lands in a place where he can line-up against those morons and beat the water out of them.

( I know.... I know I don't have as much class as Coker, but that's OK )

Marcus said...

The seeds of Coker's demise were sown after the LSU loss in the Peach Bowl. Both he and the athletic department overreacted to the loss and canned much of their offensive staff, and then brought in tired old cronies from UM's glory days.

As for Coker himself, I've heard rumors that FSU may be interested in speaking w/him about the now-open offensive coordinator position. If he doesn't get that, look for him to take a year off and then reappear as head coach at a MAC, WAC, or MWC type school, ala Frank Solich.