Monday, October 23, 2006

This Week's Blog Poll Ballot

1Ohio State--
3Southern Cal--
4West Virginia--
5Louisville 1
6Clemson 3
8Tennessee 3
9Florida 1
10Texas 1
11Notre Dame 1
12Rutgers 1
13Arkansas 3
14Boston College 6
15Wisconsin 7
16California 2
17LSU 1
18Wake Forest 6
19Georgia Tech 7
20Boise State 3
21Texas A&M 4
22Missouri 4
23Nebraska 2
24Oklahoma 1
25Virginia Tech 1

Dropped Out: Oregon (#15), Pittsburgh (#19)

Games Watched: Virginia-North Carolina (1st half), Penn State-Illinois (don't ask why), Notre Dame-UCLA, Miami-Duke (4th Q), Florida State-Boston College, Clemson-Georgia Tech

--BC makes a big move in the poll moreso on their wins over Clemson and BYU last month, not really by virtue of their win over Florida State.
--And speaking of Clemson, folks, they are the best 1-loss team out there right now. Period. End of story.
--Rutgers will win one of their two matchups with West Virginia and Louisville.

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