Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Around the ACC Blogosphere

--Eagle in Atlanta gives props to Tom O'Brien for taking the safety late against FSU. As an FSU fan, I found the call to be inexplicably bad but very generous. But what the hey, BC still won...barely.

--With the national sports media frothing over "Thunder and Lightning" James Davis and CJ Spiller, Sporting Gnomes chimes in to say that Clemson's defense wasn't too shabby either last Saturday night. Four words: Calvin Johnson, zero catches. Bravo Tigers!

--Mobius at The Chop Shop has his Good/Bad/Ugly take on the 'Noles loss to Boston College. And he's still far too optimistic about the program than he should be.

--The Georgia Tech Sports Blog is right on target about Clemson's beat down of the Jackets: Clemson's better, get over it, the Miami game is now the biggest matchup of the year.

--Turtle Waxing is clearly more interested in Miami than he is about his own 5-2 Terps. He also thinks the ACC sold it's soul in expansion by allowing Miami, BC and VA Tech in the club which is simply bass-ackwards thinking in this day and age.

--Out of Kilter has a succint yet comprehensive take on the Canes near-loss at Duke.

--Heels Blog and Carolina March don't have much to say on the loooooooong overdue firing of John Bunting.....

--However, the fellas at State Fans Nation and Section Six have a bit more to say on the Bunting matter.


mobius said...

Maybe I am too optimistic, but look at the improvements FSU has made on offense, look at how well they're playing on defense in spite of the incredible number of injuries, look at how hard they've continued to play, and then look at what they have coming back next year. On second thought maybe I'm NOT too optimistic!

Everyone who really knows the program thought this would be a rebuilding year. The losses hurt and the season has been a disappointment, but no one could have predicted that we'd be down to one true DT and four healthy LBs at this point. Look at the way Michigan bounced back from last year - coincidentally, they had an inconsistent running game, tons of injuries on defense, and a shaky sophomore QB too - and you can see why I have high hopes for 2007.

Marcus said...

ah yes mobius, ye of too much faith. We're gutted by injury on defense yet they're still our strong suit. The D held BC to 17pts. The D had poor games against Clemson and NCSU but the offense was nowhere to be found (9pts against Clemson, 20 against NCSU).

We've won way too many games these past few years BECAUSE of our D. Have we won ANY because of our O? Nope.

I thought last year was the rebuilding year...freshman QB, freshman wideouts, new OL coach and scheme. I don't know of anyone who came into this year thinking it was still a "rebuilding" year. National title year? No. But certainly not worse than last year, which is where this is headed.

Michigan changed offensive coordinators before this season. Hmmmmm.....